ABI Brothers Entertainment is an Organization which deals in Film production, Music production, Event management, Travel Company & E-Commerce website. Headed by Abhishek & Abhinav Sharma.

ABI Brothers Entertainment is emerging as a great entertainment platform for Nationals and Internationals Film Production, Music Production, Event Management, Travel Company & E-Commerce website.
The Company is involved in the Production, Distribution and Exhibition of films, Serials, Music production and entertainment software including Sound stages for set construction, Outdoor Sets, Editing, Generation and Distribution of contents for the entertainment industry.

We are working with very famous Bollywood Singer’s, Music bands with different type of Genres, Solo singers and D.J’s. We are also able to doing Charity Events for raising funds for Ngo’s.

ABI Brothers Entertainment “perform for causes” to raise funds for the needy peoples. For this all the Local & National Media Partners are supporting us.

Group accord great importance to cause of humanity and women empowerment. We are dedicated to welfare of acid attack victims and poor and orphan children. ABI Brothers Entertainment performs selflessly for NGOs.

It counts as a great opportunity for the Sponsors to get advertised among such an elite and agog numbered crowd who are a frequent consumers of various products.
The attendees here are from all the sections of society and from various part of the country thus it is obviously beneficial to catch their eye on you through our strategic promotional techniques.
Also we are getting offers from many online and print media partners which will let you explore your company name in more targeted manner.